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We are official importers and installers for Uhlmann of Germany, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of parasols. We are totally independent but chose Uhlmann for the quality of construction and many years of experience in this market. Powder coated aluminium frames resist peeling, chipping and rusting, joints are made from stainless steel and long roof arms are reinforced with internal galvanized sleeves.


A cranked gearbox easily opens the biggest parasol avoiding having to hand push up a heavy canopy so can be safely used by even your smallest member of staff. The umbrella is auto locked in any position so cannot accidently close on the the operator. All our gearboxes are guaranteed for 10 years. A telescopic centre lift ensures that the umbrella folds above the tables so not disturbing the contents or guests, very important in commercial environments.


Parasols are available up to a massive 10m round, 7m x 7m square or even rectangular to 8m x 5 with many smaller sizes below

The frame of all three types are powder coated white aluminum profiles that resists peeling, chipping, rusting and oxidation, therefore remain easy to clean, maintenance free and permanently appealing.  

Their construction is solid, their strength and wind resistance is well above average. Our umbrellas passed the extensive load and rigidity testing by the German non-profit quality and safety control institute, and we are proud to carry their quality seal "Production Monitored - Safety Tested".

The roof arms are rigid, the lower parts are reinforced with interior pipes.

The connecting joints between the roof arms and the supporting arms are made with U channels.

All joints are manufactured from high grade steel, while those exposed to the elements are made of stainless steel.

The corner arms of our square umbrellas are reinforced with strong aluminium tubes to provide additional strength.

The main arms are adjustable, making it possible to easily adjust the tension of the roof covering material and allowing the cover to be removed with ease.

All the parts, including the reinforcing arms, are individually removable and exchangeable without special tools.  

The telescopic part slides on high density plastic bearing and is guided to prevent rotation and twisting

The Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas can be installed either permanently or they are re locatable for easy and safe operation. In both cases the stability of the installation is the primary objective.


When the installation is permanent, a ground sleeve is imbedded into concrete, and the mast is stabilized once by a

 special clamp on the rack pipe of the ground sleeve, and again by a counter screw at the mast. This method holds the mast securely and firmly and provides absolute vertical stability.

The base stand is fully galvanized and powder coated to match any requirement, or match the color of the umbrella.

When surface installation is used for movable application, four each 50 x 50 cm concrete balance plates hold down the galvanized and welded steel base plate firmly, counter-balancing the structure. The balance plates are laser cut for precision fit.

For portable application the TL and TLx umbrellas are usually installed with 8 each 40  x 40 cm balance plates.

The four corners of the base frame are individually and easily adjustable to eliminate the possible unevenness of the ground.

To further increase the flexibility and easy of use, the base plate can be installed on rollers.

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